Hands-on: Lollihop Android app to help you find healthy food

Lollihop Android app demo from Google I/O
Lollihop Android app demo from Google I/O

The good thing about Google I/O 2011 is that you run into cool new apps around every corner and the Lollihop Android app could be one of those. The service is intent on helping you find healthy dishes around you and, if you’re like me, that could be a very useful program.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m more pizza than man at this point but I understand that I need to eat better and having my phone help me find better dishes to eat would be a cool thing. The Lollihop Android app will let you explore the menus of various restaurants near you to find the healthy dishes and you can even filter by ingredients, dietary restrictions and more. From there, you can easily send out these dishes to your friends along with your comments.

The Lollihop Android app will also let you keep a personal log of what you’ve eaten, as well as set up health goals that you can track. There will also be premium options to enable you to get detailed logs of your food. Most of the dish data that’s shown off in the app comes from well-known sources like Yelp and others.

The program won’t launch until the end of the month but it’s definitely an interesting idea. It’s not quite as fully featured as I’d like yet though, as I believe that baking in navigation to the actual healthy dish (or restaurant where it’s served) could be easily done. That feature is expected in the future, so we’ll be keeping an eye on this up and comer. It will also be coming to the iPhone soon.

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