Android Market Web Portal Adds Discovery Options

Yesterday at Google I/O, we got a glimpse of a refreshed on-device Android Market, which wi8ll include trending and Editor’s Choice lists for apps. Though that update is a ways off, Google has gone ahead and added the new features to the web-based Android Market. On the left side pane, you’ll find top new free, new paid, and top grossing apps, and trending apps will be a new section in the main body beneath featured, while the editor’s choice section is a whole page to itself. Exceptional developers are getting an icon next to their name, giving them a little extra recognition for their fine work. Finally, the related apps sidebar is now broken up into apps that people have browsed to, and apps that people have actually installed.

I find the Top Developer tag particularly interesting, since last week at BlackBerry World, I had asked RIM about whether or not they would ever give an official Super App Seal of Approval®, rather than just using it for guiding principles to make sure developers are making quality apps. Now that Google has gone ahead and done just that, I can only hope RIM will eventually follow up and condense their app design philosophy into something more or less certifiable.

For Android users, these are some great discovery mechanisms, and will likely help developers gain traction once the on-device Market is updated. Go ahead and check the new Market website, which is also now featuring movie rentals.

[via Google Mobile Blog]

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