Is This BlackBerry App World 3.0?

A single screenshot of what looks like the next version of BlackBerry App World is making the rounds. Though the layout sticks to the tried and true feature carousel, there are some obvious graphical upgrades here. An easily-accessible search bar at the top is a welcome addition, and bigger icons at the bottom to access the primary categories of apps are a nice touch. The AT&T branding shows that carriers will be able to push their wares, and the source says we’ll see even more carrier billing. One feature not pictured here but mentioned in the leak says that BlackBerry Messenger integration will be included, allowing you to quickly share cool apps to fellow BlackBerry owners. That rumoured enterprise section is apparently ready to roll, too.

BlackBerry App World is the official on-device source for RIM smartphone software, and though it’s not the only way to get apps (third party stores like GetJar, Mobihand and Handango are reasonably popular), new features like BBM integration are likely to make it the top destination.

The rumoured launch date for BlackBerry App World 3.0 is June or July, which would fall in nicely with the launch of the Bold 9900 and OS 7. The PlayBook is rumoured to be on the list to get the new App World once smartphones are taken care of. One would hope that this update will also be going out to older devices, but I guess we’ll see soon enough.


  • If this is the new App World, I’m sold. Just upgraded to the version but this looks a whole lot better.

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