NVIDIA CEO says Android tablet sales poor due to high pricing and lack of marketing

When we think of Android devices and tablet sales, we think of Google and its manufacturing partners and the stake they have in the platform. But it’s easy to forget that components manufacturers are a big part of the picture, too. NVIDIA, for example, has provided its dual-core Tegra 2 processor for several smartphones and tablets, so it’s natural for CEO Jen-Hsun Huang to be displeased with lackluster Android tablet sales.

Since Honeycomb was introduced, Android tablets have struggled against Apple’s iPad. Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha says that consumers are disinterested primarily because of the platform’s lack of apps. It’s true that the number of dedicated iPad apps dwarf those available for Android, but Jen-Hsun Huang of NVIDIA says that isn’t the only reason.

CNET reports:

That’s not the whole story, according to Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, who I chatted with on Thursday. Nvidia’s Tegra 2 is the core piece of silicon inside Honeycomb tablets, including the Xoom and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

“It’s a point of sales problem. It’s an expertise at retail problem. It’s a marketing problem to consumers. It is a price point problem,” he said, for starters.

While Huang doesn’t explicitly mention Apple, he’s clearly referring to the iPad maker when he addresses Android’s problems. Apple has dedicated retail stores and many retail partners for the iPad. There is also no denying that Apple is a giant when it comes to retail and marketing expertise. Just take a look at the billboards and bus-stop ads that plaster major cities, and the TV commercials that show off what you can do with an iPad. Additionally, no Android tablet has come close to being as great a deal as the iPad, where the very capable entry-level model starts at just $499.

Huang does admit that many of those problems are being remedied, but there are still issues that need to be dealt with, such as advertising and retail. Until Google and its manufacturing partners can solve that problem together, one has to wonder whether anyone out there is capable of dethroning the iPad any time soon.

[Via: CNET]

  • i just wish android tablets had more exciting apps and games. it’s severely lacking in the android ecosystem. look at EA games, they have 80 iOS games, and only 7 android games.

    • rayadams

       This is because Android cares little about software protection. You can easily install cracked software on your Android device. Who wants to spend money on developing in this platform returns nothing?

      •  Ohh well i have 1000+ IOS apps lying in HDD and there are alternative Cracked app Market in all Jail Broken iOS

        •  Only Android have Licensing API inbuild in OS, iOS dont have it its upto developer to protect there app

    • Paul Vik

      The beauty about apple is that it works. Control your product from start to finish, make sure it works, make it simple and consistent and look at the market and what people want and don’t have. Create an image in peoples minds about what to expect from your product and most of all have a great leader who inspires both workers and customers. And don’t pick Steve Bulmer or Jen-Hsun Huang Both of whom lack credibility!! Both of whom lack credibility!!

  • I would love to buy an android tablet, but the OS versions from one device to the next is totally screwed up. Why would I want to buy a device with the older OS when there is a new device and a new OS already on the market. Also why do I want to buy the new device with the new OS when in a month or so a new device and a new OS will be out and the cycle just keeps going over and over again and again.

    I don’t want to buy an iPad but there is at least consistency there. I have also looked at Window devices and just will not buy anything Microsoft until Steve Ballmer resigns. He has been a total failure to Microsoft and needs to go as soon as possible for Microsoft to ever pull it’s head out of the sand.

    Now the issue with Nvidia is simple and I don’t understand what is so hard to figure out, if you can’t get other companies to do or handle things the way you want then do it yourself.

    Nvidia should buy Archos and get their own product out the way they want it. Stop bitching about everyone else if you are too weak or stupid to do it yourself. The lack of vision with Nvidia to continue to rely on others is their weakest link and will be their downfall.

  • If only Android tablets have a
    lower price and more apps to offer then people would not hesitate to buy this
    device. Xoom tablet in particular, got an outstanding review during the CES
    2011 but during its release got unsatisfactory sales. In due time, I’m sure
    that these Android tablets will get the recognition that they deserve.


  • Anonymous

    I think tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will help change all that. Samsung gave away thousands of tablets at Google I/O 2011. That’s a start towards better marketing. Price point is another issue….

    • Anonymous

       Definitely. If the Galaxy Tab 8.9 or 10.1 start at around $499, I’d grab one 100%.

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