Amazon tablets could rock dual core, quad-core NVIDIA processors

Amazon tablets could use NVIDIA hardware

We know that Amazon will likely release some tablets soon and a new rumor suggests that these products will land before the end of the year with some strong hardware. We’re talking about the dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 and the upcoming Kal-El quad-core chip.

According to a rumor over at BGR, one of the Amazon tablets is being code-named “Coyote” and it should be an entry-level tablet. It will be powered by the NVDIA Tegra 2 processor and this has provided some pretty good experiences so far in devices like the Motorola Xoom, T-Mobile G Slate and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

What’s really exciting is that the second Amazon tablet is being code-named “Hollywood” and it will rock the NVIDIA quad-core processor that’s being called “Kal-El.” We saw this a few months ago at Mobile World Congress and the quad-core processor was producing some amazing results.

In many ways, the Amazon tablets make a lot of sense, as the company has already created solutions to make a tablet rock. These will likely be based on the Android platform and I could easily see it coming baked in with the Cloud Player music service and online storage capability.

The Amazon Tablets will also undoubtedly use the Amazon App Store. This has been steadily gaining traction and some developers are even using this as an exclusive market.

When you factor in these services and the powerful NVIDIA hardware, the Amazon tablets are shaping up to be some interesting devices for 2011. It will still be a tough to compete against the Apple iPad and the plethora of other tablets but it’s shaping up to be a contender.

What will be really interesting is if the Amazon tablets use the ad-supported model that we’ve seen rolled out with the latest Kindle e-readers. That would really be interesting.

[Via BGR]

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