T-Mobile trade-in program helps you upgrade to 4G phones

T-Mobile wants its customers to jump on the 4G HSPA+ bandwagon, so it has started a new trade-in program – similar to ones done by other carriers and retail outlets – that gives current users more incentive to do so. The carrier is even accepting devices from other carriers, so if you’ve got an old flip phone from AT&T or some candybar phone from Verizon with a failing touch-sensitive keypad (*cough* LG Chocolate *cough*), bring it into a T-Mobile store. A representative will make an assessment immediately to determine the trade-in value of the phone and apply it towards a new phone.

T-Mobile is willing to pay up to $300 for a device, so if your new-ish iPhone is looking a bit dull and you want to grab the hot new T-Mobile G2x, you might fetch quite a bit for the iOS phone.

The criteria for a phone isn’t even all that bad, the minimum “being fully functional, having an intact and working display, and being free of liquid damage or corrosion.”

Of course, there is a chance you could get squeeze a few more dollars for your device from Craigslist or eBay, but if your phone is truly that old or just plain ugly, it’s probably best to see what T-Mobile will give you for it.

See the full press release on the following page for more details.

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    You get more money @ the Radioshack Trade-in I tried

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