Acer Iconia Tab A100 postponed for the second half of the year

Not sure whether we should blame the lack of LCD screens or Acer’s desire to focus on users craving for a 10.1-inch tablet, but the fact is that the Taiwanese company has postponed the launch of its 7-inch Android tablet, Iconia Tab A100, for the second half of the year. The information comes from Engadget which got it right from the horse’s mouth – Acer’s PR team.

A report out of Poland suggested the A100 has been cancelled, Engadget asked for a comment and… you get the point — it’s not cancelled only delayed. In the meantime, British citizens can (still) sign-up on Amazon UK to be informed when the tablet becomes available.

Personally I dig smaller tablets but can also understand modern smartphone users craving for more screen estate now that their phones come with 4-inch screens. What kind of tablet do you prefer?

  • Anonymous

    Tablet > 8
    3.5 < Phone < 4

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