Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc and Play getting updated with new Facebook fetures soon

We’ve recently wrapped up our time with the Xperia Arc, and are still getting our game on with the Xperia Play, but both are due for an update next week to Android 2.3.2. It’s still Gingerbready goodness, but will apparently include some Facebook sharing in music player and gallery apps, along with some new discovery mechanisms.

The recent Xperia phones are already fairly Facebook friendly, allowing you tie locally stored contacts to those on the social network, allowing you to see their latest status update. That will be going one step further – with 2.3.2, you’ll be able to see pictures they’ve posted, comments they’ve left, and anything they’ve “Liked” all from within the address book. Facebook events that you’re invited to will also now be shunted to the native calendar app. You can find the full list of new Xperia Facebook features over here.

These are some solid additions to handsets that are still relatively new in Europe, and have yet to even drop in the U.S. In my experience so far, Sony Ericsson has really polished up their software customizations since the X10, and updating regularly with smart plug-ins to social networks will make sure their latest devices have legs for the next couple of years.

Android 2.3.2 is set to roll out next week, at least in Europe. Here’s hoping it’s coming to the units launching in the U.S., too.

[via Electric Pig]

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