T-Mobile G2X pulled due to quality issues? [UPDATE: It’s just very popular]

T-Mobile pulls LG G2X for quality reasons

The best handset for T-Mobile at the moment, the G2X, may have just been pulled due to quality issues. From random reboots to light leakage, T-Mobile’s dual-core phone may be down for the count.

As a happy owner of the T-Mobile G2X, I was surprised to hear so many are having issues with the handset. Searching for the handset on the T-Mobile website will only return results for accessories, so this could be a serious issue. I experienced random reboots when I first purchased the device running the stock software, but after flashing custom ROMs I have yet to see this issue again. Because of this, I assumed that it was a software related issue but it looks like the G2X could have hardware issues instead.

We’re wondering if the problems are so bad that T-Mobile may need to recall the device and offer a replacement device to owners. We could understand if Magenta had received a bad batch of G2X phones, but that wouldn’t warrant pulling it from the website. We gave the G2X a glowing review last month, so it’s unfortunate to hear that there are issues that are serious enough to pull it from shelves.

We’ve yet to get word from T-Mobile themselves as to why the G2X is no longer available but if it’s gone for good we’ll probably be hearing from the carrier shortly with an official announcement. If this is the case, we wondering what T-Mobile’s strategy is to keep owners of the handset happy, and if it involves a handset replacement, which one?

Honestly, if the G2X is recalled and I have to give it up, I will seriously consider switching to Sprint for the EVO 3D. Even with a locked bootloader, HTC handsets are usually top-notch in quality and likely won’t have issues like this. That said, I hope T-Mobile addresses the issue without having to recall the handset.

[UPDATE:] We reached out to T-Mobile and this is the official response regarding the G2X’s availability.

The T-Mobile G2x with Google has been a highly popular device with both customers and employees since its launch last month, and high demand has resulted in inventory constraints, which we are working with LG to address.

That’s relieving, isn’t it. You can blame the employees on the short stock, but they have suffered enough by activating the handset so many times without being able to grab one until recently. Any issues about the G2X are likely software-based and will be fixed over time.

[Via: TMONews]

  • You’re scaring me.  I switched from G2.  My G2x does reboot on occassion buut I’m hoping it will be fixed with 2.3 release

  • Anonymous

    Only a small batch were reported to have issues. So TMo halted sales to just be on the safe side.

  • Bensworld

    I have no issues with mine and it has received rave reviews from a number of phone sites.

  • Bensworld

    I have no issues with mine and it has received rave reviews from a number of phone sites.

  • Mabarut

    Tmobile tweeted that the G2x is not available due to no inventory.

  • Joshua_dorrs

    it is still unavailable and tmobile is now stating that it is due to a software problem they are working on correcting… 

  • Canne6865

    I am on my second G2x. I am still having major problems with this phone.

    • julie drummey

      Me too.  My first one froze and died after only 10 days of owning it, they gave me a new one in store and I’ve had constant problems with this one as well.  It’s constantly shutting down and re-booting itself, or shutting down and then I cant get it to restart so I have to take the battery out and start over.   These are just 2 items on a laundry list of problems I’ve encountered with this phone.  Looks nice, but it’s an unreliable piece of crap.

  • Mjstyles

    mu husband is on his 3rd GTX and T-Mobile refuses to replace it with a different phone. They want us to buy a new one. Tmobile has very bad customer service. We’ve spent hours and hours since April now and still cant get a replacement!  The issue is the same for the 3 phones they sent us. very frustrating

    • Mjstyles

      i meant G2x

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