World’s first 64 GB microSD card announced

Mobile media hogs will be happy to hear that soon they’ll be able to bump up their 32 GB memory cards to 64 GB. A little-known manufacturer, Kingmax, has announced that their class 6 microSD XC 64 GB card recently.the card meets SD 3.0 specifications, and includes an Error Correction Code that fixes data errors during transfer, a leveling algorithm to organize data efficiently, and supposedly extends your phone’s battery life through some kind of built-in efficiency voodoo.

The microSD XC standard is still relatively new; though it was first announced at CES two years ago as the specification to take memory cards all the way up to 2 TB, we’ve yet to see any microSD XC card on the market yet.  It’s good to see one finally step up, and as nice as it is for consumers who are getting used to watching HD movies on their big-screen, high-res phones, it’s also good news for carriers that would rather offload streaming media to something stored locally and transferred over Wi-Fi. Bigger capacities also open up the doors to developers with media-rich apps that have a lot of assets to handle (especially in gaming). I’d like to see local storage of mapping data becoming something a bit more commonplace, but there are a lot of different uses for a few spare GB.

The press release is awfully vague about pricing and availability, which could very well mean we see other big-name memory manufacturers offer the same denomination earlier.

[via Slashgear]

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    When is it for sale?


    When is it for sale?

  • Do your homework first, at least go to Wikipedia. Lexar lready has 128 GB.

    • Maybe you should take reading comprehension lessons because while you’re right, Lexar did indeed release a 128 GB SDXC card, it’s a full sized card, not microSD sized.

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