Apple iCloud, iOS 5.0 coming June 6 at WWDC

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference is coming up, and they’ve just announced what we can expect to hear about. The long-rumoured iCloud service will be announced, alongside the previously-hinted iOS 5.

Not many details were given beyond that, but it’s entirely likely that the iPhone 3GS will not be eligible for the iOS 5 upgrade, and that it will include advanced voice control through Siri. The nature of iCloud is still a bit nebulous, but we’re expecting it to have something to do with streaming mobile music, and will likely compete with the recently-announced Google Music. It would be safe to assume that existing MobileMe services (like remote tracking, picture storage, and personal information management) would be folded in to the new iCloud service.

Although we’re hoping for a new iPhone sometime before the end of the summer, it doesn’t seem likely Apple will announce it at WWDC.

We will have our crew on the floor at WWDC 2011 liveblogging the announcements as they happen, so be sure to swing by June 6!

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