Apple’s iWork productivity suite launched for iPhone

iWork, a collection of iOS productivity apps including presentations, word processing, and spreadsheets launched with the original iPad, are now available for iPhone. Keynote, Pages, and Numbers each cost $9.99, and can work with files compatible with Mac and Microsoft Office formats. Keynote remote was also launched, allowing you to control your presentations from your phone. Unfortunately, all of the above will only stretch back to the iPhone 3GS; if you’ve got anything older, that’s Apple’s way of gently suggesting that you give them more money.

This transition to the smaller screen has been anticipated for at least a year now, and for businessfolk that default to BlackBerry for handling documents, it could be a cue to switch. iPhone has been making inroads with business overall, having recently won some acceptance in the U.S. government.

No doubt most of these apps will be about a million times more useful on the larger iPad screen, but if you’re happy with your iPhone, you can find the new iWork additions in the iOS App Store below. Canadians and anyone outside the U.S. are out of luck for now, unfortunately.

  • i have the iWork apps for iPad.  Do I have to purchase separate versions for iPhone?

    • I think you won’t have to. The bottom of the press release says it’s a universal app, so if you’ve got the iPad version, you should be set for iPhone.

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