Amazon Wireless has great deals on Verizon phones

It’s a Verizon phones bonanza at Amazon Wireless. The mobile phone selling arm of the online retailer lists quite a few awesome offers for Verizon’s phones. The sale — which will run through June 8th — features such popular models as the HTC Thunderbolt, Motorola Droid X2 and Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY. If you’ve been looking to switch networks, now’s the time to act. On the other hand, existing Verizon customer won’t get that good of a deal. The table below speaks volumes – click on the phone name to visit its page on Amazon Wireless.

HTC ThunderBolt$129.99$99.99
Samsung CHARGE$199.99$149.99
HTC Incredible 2$79.99$49.99
Droid X2$149.99$99.99
HTC Trophy$99.99$49.99
LG Revolution$199.99$149.99
Xperia PLAY$99.99$0.01
  • Delawarehunter

    The table above only applies on new contracts… Here are the existing customer prices:

    Thunderbolt: $199.99
    Charge: $199.99
    Incredible 2: $129.99
    Droid X2: $119.99
    Trophy: $99.99
    Revolution: $199.99
    Xperia PLAY: $99.99

    Not much of a discount for existing customers, unlike what the article leads us to beleive.

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