Motorola Triumph with Android Froyo for Virgin Mobile hands on

Sprint announced today the Motorola Triumph for its partner, Virgin Mobile. The Triumph is an Android 2.2 Froyo device for the pre-paid crowd, and it isn’t half bad, either. It has a 4.1-inch touchscreen display and a 5MP rear camera that can shoot HD video. The device also has a front-facing VGA camera for self-portraits and video calling.

The Motorola Triumph is running vanilla Android, which I’m particularly happy about, and it seemed pretty speedy to me. Its design is also very Droid-esque – and I’m talking the original Droid with its soft-touch coating, flat sides and gold accents. The Triumph is like a slab without any fuss in the design. On the upper left, there is the standby/power button, and on the right you have the volume rocker. There isn’t a dedicated camera button, which is slightly disappointing, but I was told that the idea was to make it minimalistic as possible. Goal achieved.

We got a little demo of the HDMI out, which is always nice, and it allows you to view what you’re seeing on the phone on your big screen, HD TV. When you’re playing video or browsing the web, it’s right up there on the screen. And when you switch from landscape to portrait mode, the display changes on the TV, too.

The Triumph for Virgin Mobile will be available this summer, and pricing and details will be announced closer to launch. It’s an impressive Android handset, especially for pre-paid users, so I’m sure Virgin Mobile customers will be waiting impatiently for this one.

See the gallery below.

  • Kam

    I’m waiting impatiently for it’s lunch. 

  • Anonymous

    This is probably the best phone out there on a prepaid carrier. Nice job

  • Charybe

    If there’s no action/camera button, how do you take pictures ? And what about games that use the action button or apps that need arrow-up-down-left-right ? Thnaks for answering because as a develloper, I wonder how to handle these phones. Thanks.

  • Aedward

    A great phone in the beginning but starting to have problems which is not good considering i paid $300 for the phone.

    • thissucks

      I am also having problems and only had the phone for two months, its not charging right, sometimes the touch screen would not work and something keep popping up sayingvideo out connected

  • The software
    on both the X and X2 is, at present, largely the same. Both run Froyo. The X
    launched with Android 2.1, and got the Froyo bump late last year. The X2
    launches with Froyo, but will get the Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” bump
    later this year. But this phone lacks the requisite NFC chip, so don’t expect to do mobile payments with your Droid X2.

  • Among the many exciting announcements in their annual I/O
    conference, Google released the Android 2.2 SDK (FroYo) to developers.
    This highly anticipated platform upgrade brings with it exciting
    improvements and features for users and new tools for application
    developers and publishers.

  • Android 2.2 Froyo is the most usable, polished iteration of Android
    yet. But more importantly, it’s the first release that makes Android
    truly compelling for a broad consumer audience. Froyo’s updates aren’t that radical, but serious under-the-hood improvements and refinements throughout make it tangibly more pleasing to use.

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