Video: First Huawei MediaPad teaser ad

Huawei MediaPad media tablet

Few days ago we talked about the Huawei MediaPad and now we have the first teaser ad to show you. Unfortunately we can’t tell a lot from this “everything but revealing” video, but we do see the MediaPad as a promising device. As a matter of fact I would say Huawei’s baby will be a fancy-lookin’ 7-inch tablet. Maybe not as fancy as the HTC Flyer, but still fancy enough and if priced correctly (i.e. not too expensive), the Chinese company may actually move a solid number of units. In order to succeed, they’ll need a deal with major carriers and I’m sure they’re negotiation with them as we speak. Can’t wait for June 20th… Enjoy the clip! 😉

[Via: EuroDroid]

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