Grab the LG Revolution for only $99 at Wirefly

LG’s first LTE device hasn’t been available for too long now and we’re already seeing incredible price cuts for the device. Wirefly is selling the powerful Android handset for only $99 on a new two-year contract, allowing you to save $150 from what Verizon is selling the device for.

This definitely makes us wonder just how well the handset is doing at the moment, or whether Wirefly just has a large amount of the devices on hand. You can’t even grab the Thunderbolt or the Droid Charge at Wirefly for the Revolution’s price, so to say it’s a steal is an understatement.

Some may be turned off that the Revolution ships with Bing as its default search engine but you can fix that by rooting the phone. The Revolution may lack the styling of the Thunderbolt and the gorgeous Super AMOLED display of the Droid Charge, but it’s a solid handset that should appeal to many, especially at this price. Verizon’s other LTE device suffer just the same as the Revolution when it comes to battery life, with the Charge besting LG’s offering by a small margin. Then again, we imagine you won’t find the Droid Charge for under $100 anytime soon.

So is Wirefly’s recent price cut of the Revolution a reflection of how the device is selling? That remains to be seen, but of Verizon’s LTE offerings, the Revolution seems to have less going for it. The Charge and the Thunderbolt both stand out in their own ways, and LG’s handset is a good phone but it’s simply less desirable than the other handsets in Verizon’s LTE portfolio.That said, this shouldn’t stop you from grabbing the handset if all you’re looking for is a good handset with a LTE radio inside. In that respect, the Revolution is all the phone you need.

Head over to Wirefly now to claim yours!

Thanks, Megan!


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