Apple iPhone 5 coming in September, latest report says

Apple iPhone 5 coming in September

The Apple iPhone rumors go into overdrive this year because Steve Jobs didn’t introduce the 2011 model at WWDC and Bloomberg is reporting that the next iPhone (iPhone 5? iPhone 4GS?) will land in September, just in time for the back-to-school season.

The report says that the iPhone 5 will sport the new dual-core processor that can be found in the iPad 2 and it should also have a boosted camera. I’d expect it to be bumped up to 8 megapixels but find that the 5-megapixel camera in the current version is very, very good.

The report also says that the next iPhone will look similar to the latest one on the market, which is a direct dispute of another recent rumor which says that this version will feature a “radical” redesign. I tend to think we’ll have a strong update internally but the body will remain very similar which I’m okay with because I sometimes forget how much I like the design of the iPhone 4.

The only thing that gives me pause is the size of the screen, no matter how brilliant the Retina Display is. With giant screens dominating out there, I do believe Apple needs to move to a 4-inch screen. It can do so without sacrificing too much in terms of design and I believe app makers would love the additional screen space.

The latest report also suggests that we could get a cheaper Apple phone out there to better compete with Android on the low end. I’m not quite sure about this one, as I believe Apple could simply continue to produce its old models and sell these at a cheaper rate – the iPhone 3GS is still available on AT&T for about $50 and it receives a lot of promotion by the carrier.

Apple does hold an event in September that’s generally focused on the iPod and we can’t wait to see what it has up its sleeves.

[Via Bloomberg]

  • Well, 26th Oct will be a surprise, I am sure the press will have plenty to rave about this release.Nokia WP should have the ability to wave off the tepid feeling about the Microsoft WP7 to win the million hearts of the Nokia fans. Can’t wait to know the enhanced features

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