Nokia Windows Phone leaked, codenamed ‘Sea Ray’

Images of an upcoming Nokia Windows Phone device surfaced online, and while the images themselves seem a little dubious, the presentation from which they came does not. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop held a little presentation and demo to employees asking for their confidence, and to put away cameras. Elop is a smart enough man to know that at least a soul or two would try to sneak images, anyway, and that’s exactly what happened. Whether it’s a controlled leak by that logic is debatable.

The new Windows Phone by Nokia is codenamed “Sea Ray,” and it looks like it’s running the Mango version of the Microsoft operating system. That doesn’t come as a surprise, however, since Microsoft said during its Mango event in NYC that the first Nokia Windows Phone 7 handsets were slated for this fall.

The coming device, Sea Ray, looks much like the Nokia N9, and we can all be thankful for that, to a degree. While the Finnish manufacturer has floundered over the last few years, namely because of the Symbian operating system and lack of serious marketing, the company has always put out attractive, quality hardware. And while the new device will undoubtedly adhere to the strict hardware requirements for Windows Phone 7, it’s still very much Nokia by design from what we can observe so far.

Check out the video below for all the gritty details.

[Via: Engadget, Technet]

  • Anonymous

    I’d read that the entire presentation was recorded and that the video is 21 minutes long, but all I can find online is this same 54 second snippet that ends right when it starts getting good. Is the entire video available anywhere?

  • Gregory C Newman

    The design is a like 2001 slab it’s ok but could be inproved by putting 1/4 gold trim or Silver trim   around the front sloping edges. This added touch will glorify  the design. Microsoft and all it’s OEM partners. must Advertise the Hell out of the windows phone 7 devices  after the Mango updates are added because then the Windows phones7 smart phones will be world class phones that have most of the bells and whistles that a smart should have and will definately be worth buying  

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