Apple hits Samsung at home, filing patent lawsuit in South Korea

In an ongoing legal battle over design issues and wireless patents, Apple has taken its fight to Samsung’s home base – South Korea. The iPhone maker has decided to file a lawsuit against Samsung over several patent infringements after Samsung filed its own lawsuits against Apple in South Korea, Japan and Germany. Apple has accused Samsung of copying its mobile products, and for harassment over plans for the coming iPhone and iPad.

Because Apple accused Samsung of blatantly copying its designs in the mobile space, Samsung demanded to see future plans for the iPhone and iPad to see whether there were similarities in its own future products. A judge denied Samsung’s request, but Apple’s own request to place an injunction on certain Galaxy S products were denied, too.

Despite the legal battles, Apple remains Samsung’s biggest client, where the Cupertino-based company is the largest buyer of semiconductors from the Korean electronics firm.

[Via: Reuters]

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