Sprint’s 3rd Quarter roadmap leaks – More Android and BlackBerries on the way

While it’s not the massive, full-year roadmap that was leaked for T-Mobile, Sprint’s Q3 roadmap has been dug up and will offer a nice chunk of new devices. Whether or not it’s enough to do battle with the likes of Verizon’s LTE arsenal others, Sprint stands a good chance of wooing some people over. Maybe.

Some of the main attractions will be running Android, and will include the Samsung Epic 2, as well as a “full touch 4G” device from Sammy as well. While it’s not confirmed this could be the Galaxy S 2, or the Galaxy Within that leaked a while back.

The Epic 2 isn’t much of an upgrade from the original, as it will sport a single-core 1.2GHz Hummingbird processor and 8 megapixel camera. The Epic 2 will keep the 4 inch display, but we’d be surprised if it didn’t get bumped up to the Super AMOLED Plus that’s found on a few of Samsung phones today. Still, those looking for a nice QWERTY-toting Android phone should ultimately be happy with the minor upgrades found within the device, and it likely won’t cost $250 out of the gate like the original.

We’re definitely hoping the “full touch 4G” device will end up being Sprint’s Galaxy S 2 variant, the Galaxy Within. With virtually no way to confirm that the handset is indeed Samsung’s latest superphone, we’re left with nothing more than wishful thinking. Either way, we know we’ll see the device land on the carrier eventually, and we’d say that Q3 is enough time to wait.

Android isn’t running the entire show, as we can expect a couple of BlackBerry devices to land on Sprint, too. The Bold Touch and Monaco should debut during the quarter, as well as the possibility of a push-to-talk BlackBerry, which should definitely perk up some ears. There should be a couple more device of its kind coming from Kyocera/Sanyo, ensuring that customer won’t be in short supply of push-to-talk devices.

Well, there you have it. Sprint may be getting some nice devices in the coming months, but we’re still not sure if it will be able to compete on all fronts. With the EVO 3D under its belt and the Photon 4G on its way, Sprint has a fighting chance.

Will you be switching to Sprint anytime soon?

[Via: ThisIsMyNext]

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