Archos unveils Android-based smart home phone and web radio/alarm clock

Aside from two Honeycomb tablets, Archos also unveiled two additional Android-based products – ARCHOS 35 Home Connect, smart web radio/alarm clock device; and ARCHOS 35 Smart Home Phone, smart home (DECT) phone.

The first of two is designed as an alarm clock for the 21st century, rocking Wi-Fi connectivity, Internet radio and two powerful (for such a small device) speakers. The company says that the ARCHOS 35 Home Connect is great for streaming radio and music anywhere at home such as the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or kids room. As you can imagine, this little fella’ brings smartphone functionality to your home, giving you access to tons of apps like weather, news, games and traffic.

As for the ARCHOS 35 Smart Home Phone, it is touted as a product that will “make owning a home phone popular again.” Compatible with any ADSL box or phone line and using standard DECT protocols, it too brings smartphone functionality to your home, allowing you to add apps and games.

Additionally, both products support video calls and that camera could also be used for baby monitoring and even room surveillance.

The ARCHOS 35 Home Connect and ARCHOS 35 Smart Home Phone are expected to be available in September with RRP of $149 and $159, respectively.

  • I hate to sound high and mighty, (but I’m going to do it anyway) I just love how the product demos go out to those who are really not familiar with the product. It seems as though the only real complaint is that the android market does not come preinstalled. One quick fix for this is to d-load an app from appslib called ‘arctools’. This app automatically configures the archos product running froyo or higher to access the android market. I own the seven inch archos A70H Internet tablet which runs froyo (I just love this product) and this works like a champ. Good review, all in all, despite a lack of familiarity with the manufacturers product. Archos is light years ahead of the ipad and the first company to produce an Internet tablet. Imagine being able to check your email or update/check your status on your favorite social networking medium or even glancing at the weather app located under your clock app on the same screen. All the information that’s important to you and all of it from your alarm clock in the morning. Nice! Hey, is there any way I could review or even serve as a consultant for a demo in the future?     

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