iPhone 4 captures wedding – photos, videos and all

Would you entrust capturing the memory of your wedding day, monumental as it is, to the iPhone 4? One couple decided to allow professional wedding photographer Brian Adams and videographer Rainer Flor to use just the Apple smartphone to shoot photos and videos on their special day. So, how did the pictures and videos turn out?

All things considered, the end result was pretty admirable. We’ve seen the iPhone in action for professional fashion shoots before, and it has been proven that lighting, framing and doing everything else right is sometimes more important than the camera you’re using. Even Ducati used the iPhone 4 to shoot an entire motorcycle commercial last year.

“We want to show the millions of people running around with iPhones in their pocket that the photo and video possibilities are endless,” said Flor.

While the photos and videos in this particular wedding look better than what some amateur wedding photographers can do with big, fancy DSLRs, I’m still a little torn about this gimmick–and that’s exactly what it is. Tighter shots, great depth-of-field, action photos, careful exposure control and file sizes big enough for large prints would be the biggest issues with using an iPhone 4 in shooting a wedding.

Judging from the video below, it looks like there might have been proper cameras and photographers floating about, but if the event was really left up to the Apple smartphone, well, I’m glad it turned out as well as it did.

[Via: iPhone Shooters]

  • They must have watsed too many money on iPhone so this was only option they might have, i can never replace Professional Grade Camera and Professional Peoples Expertise,, Marc Flores this is a useless POST

  • Anonymous

    I just got back from a week long vacation for which I forgot my primary camera. I used my iPhone 4 to shoot all the video and still shots and you know what…they came out pretty darn good. Much better than I would have imagined. Even my wife was impressed how well the pictures came out and how rich the color was in the pictures. The timing is almost perfect, as she’ll be getting it as a hand-me-down when iPhone 5 comes out.

  • Anonymous

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