Nokia’s Ovi Store hits 6 million daily downloads

Although it’s far from commanding a dominant market share in the U.S., Nokia’s Ovi Store keeps growing like crazy. According to this post on Nokia Developer’s portal, more than 300,000 new Nokia accounts are created daily, and consumers are downloading 6 million mobile apps and content every day!

In total, there are about 48,000 apps in the Ovi Store with almost 1,000 new added every week. And it’s not just the Symbian users who download apps and mobile content — Series 40 device (feature phone) owners are jumping on board as well, with the number of downloads coming from that group growing 35% in the last two months, accounting for about a quarter of all downloads.

By the end of May 2011, more than 170 developers had each exceeded 1 million downloads on Ovi Store, among which – 15 companies had total downloads in the 10 million to 20 million range each, 5 companies were in the 20 million to 30 million range, and one company (Offscreen Technologies) had more than 72 million total downloads.

Finally, Nokia reminds us that Ovi Store supports operator billing, which now works with 121 operators across 42 countries. Recent additions to operator billing include Chile with Claro – AMX, Portugal with Vodafone, Hong Kong with five operators (CSL, 3HK, SMV, PCCW and CMHK), and United Arab Emirates with Etisalat…

[Via: AllAboutSymbian]

  • The chart lies. Credit card billing is not available in India. Paid apps are only available with carrier billing on one operator!

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