HTC breaks yet another record, sales up 88% in June 2011 compared to June 2010

When HTC made the decision to support Android and put Microsoft’s Windows Mobile on the sideline, no one knew how things would turn out. Less than 3 years later, after shipping the first Android device, the T-Mobile G1, the Taiwanese handset maker is now making money hand over fist and they’ve just announced that sales for June 2011 are 88% higher than they were in the same month last year. This bit of news bumped up their stock price a smidgen, which, oddly enough, has dropped 19% since the beginning of June. Many financial analysts thought that HTC would stop growing at their current pace and that their June results would be flat year on year. Looks like they’ve been proven wrong, but there is something to say about slowed growth since HTC’s May 2011 results were 116% higher than the same month last year.

With devices like the Sensation hitting the market, and rumors of HTC’s first tablet (the Flyer doesn’t count) running the Honeycomb version of Android coming out this fall, we’re confident that the company has a bright future ahead of them, but … and this is a big but … they seriously need to start bringing new designs to market. HTC has a bad case of Samsung-itis, meaning all their devices look alike, from the low end to the high end. It’s frankly a bit impossible to tell them apart were it not for the camera specifications etched into the back of every device they ship.

Talking about Samsung, they made the Nexus S and are rumored to be making the Nexus Prime, which says a lot since the first Nexus device, the Nexus One, was made by HTC. Is HTC’s relationship with Google not as tight as it used to be? We don’t know, but something is up and no one really wants to talk about it.

[Image via What Mobile]

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