Verizon tiered data plans coming – What do you think?

Verizon tiered data plans are coming July 7

Verizon is rolling out tiered data plans July 7 and new users won’t be able to get an unlimited data plan. Instead, users will get to choose four different plans for their mobile data needs and this could be a good or bad thing depending on your usage. We’ll lay out what the IntoMobile team thinks but we definitely want to hear your thoughts.


Tiered or limited data packages are often a sticky situation. On one hand, the cost for customers seems like it is always going up, and so users feel like they’re being shafted by the carriers. On the other hand, carriers need to remain competitive with each other and deliver solid and reliable data experiences. Despite all the reasons carriers can give about limited data usage and increased prices, I still have to side with the consumers.

What good is 4G LTE speed if you can’t even stream online radio for more than a few hours? Or if you’ll hit your data cap after three or four TV episodes or movies via Netflix? Those of us who have grandfathered unlimited plans are lucky, but I do wonder how long it will be before carriers try to strip those from us or force us to “upgrade” to tiered plans.


Welcome to a Canadian’s world, America. Tiered data is the standard up here and our rates are a lot rougher than what Verizon’s asking. 2 GB for $30? We get half as much data for the same amount on Rogers. That extends to the lower tiers to an extent; Verizon wants $15 for 200 MB, while up here Telus only gives 100 MB for $10. Yeah, they’re different markets, yeah, losing unlimited plans is going to suck, and if you use that much data, you’ll basically have to marry Verizon with your grandfathered unlimited plan. My point is, it’s not that bad in the grand scheme of things.


Even though I have no intention of switching to Verizon anytime soon, it seems like tiered data is going to become the norm going forward. Do I like it? No. But it’s if not tiered, there’s likely a data cap and the carriers that remain unlimited may soon follow suit in the future.

I honestly don’t care about having tiered data. Give me internet access and don’t rape me while doing it, that’s all I ask.


No me gusta. I understand that this isn’t the end of the world. The majority of users use less than 2 GB of data a month and will likely save money over the course of their contracts. Times are tough and saving money will always be appealing to people. Additionally, it’s not that tough for a lot of users to switch to WiFi at home, at the office or at a Starbucks to save on their mobile data.

I just don’t like what this does for innovation with smartphones. These things are computers in our pockets but the true potential can only be reached with a robust Internet connection. Web services really took off once broadband became widespread and once the meter went away. I’m not that concerned about companies like Pandora and Netflix today but I’m worried that these caps will limit these companies in the future, as well as companies that haven’t been created yet.

Luckily, I can be grandfathered in with unlimited plans.

You’ve heard our opinions, now let us know what you think in the comments. Are you going to switch to Sprint for unlimited or are these plans good enough?

  • Dosmastr

    what do i think? I think verizon sees its customers as cows to be milked for all they are worth.

    cant wait for contract to end! 

    • Anonymous

      Where do you go though? Sprint’s the only one with truly unlimited left and leaving VZ means you can’t ever get their unlimited again

      • Dosmastr

        planning on going to sprint yes.

        Choice was made when they forced me to buy either push to talk or a internet data plan when I have used either exactly 0 times and desire to use them 0, so for the last year they have fleeced me for 65 bucks for a feature i have never used nor plan to ever use with this handset. 

        • Dosmastr

          (5 bucks a month for 13 months, push to talk plan fee, if my phone didn’t have ptt ability, they would;ve forced me to pay 10 a month instead!)

  • Dosmastr

    i mean how do we go from pay as you go in EVERYTHING ELSE (remember paying for email, and then for texts, and then for picture texts and lastly a monthly allotment of minutes) and then eventually ending up in commercials saying “just pay this flat rate for UNLIMITED.” — this is going BACKWARD.

    How much money does transferring 2GB of data from internet through “the network” to handset actually cost THEM? I’d be surprised if it was more than 25% of what they are billing customers for it

  • Cellularcrazy09

    At least with at&t the 2GB plan is $25 which is LESS than what Verizon is going to charge.  Verizon is the most anti-competitive, anti-consumer company.  They are the only company that has raised prices!  Everyone else including at&t has lowered prices or added extra value to their plans…VERIZON SUCKS!  They need to go completely unlimited with talk and text and make data a tiered plan like minutes are now…

  • Tom

    It’s nice to have a 4G phone like the Thunderbolt for that speed but I don’t want to have to keep a running total of my usage in the back of my mind whenever I want to use it.   Netflix is coming to Android soon and what, now I can only watch 3 movies a month on one of the lowest tiers?
    I don’t like it, but it probably makes business sense. I’m sure they’re going to make heaps of money in overages and upgrades for people who don’t actually need it but buy additional transit “just incase”.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I’m too lazy to switch my 4G phone to WiFi when I’m at home. I hate having to count MBs. 

  • Anonymous

    I am a T-Mo customer, which has a very nice data cap policy: it throttles above the cap, rather than charging me more.  Otherwise, i would live in fear that I would (or someone on my family plan) would blow through the cap and my bill would pop. 

    I suspect that is one of the nice things that will disappear when AT&T takes over. 

  • belltown

    I agree with Dosmastr. I don’t see the need for tiered data plans, or at least the refusal to offer unlimited plans at all. I think it fair that light data users get to pay less, but I still think there should be unlimited options left for heavy data users. After all, DSL and Cable internet users have practically unlimited data usage; I don’t see why the phone companies can’t offer the same thing for a fair price. If you’re going to sell a phone that has the capability of watching Netflix movies all day long, or acting as a wireless hotspot, then you should provide an appropriate data plan that allows you to make use of these features without going bankrupt in the process.

    • Maggie_lin24

      How exactly are we paying less if it was also $30 unlimited before…

  • Marin said,”The majority of users use less than 2 GB of data a month.” that is BS and if that is true then they dont need to change to tier plan. they can simply cap 5% of high data user in area and i believe that there are many people who is using less than 1GB for $30 unlimited also. hope that Sprint plan never change~! byebye verizon

    • Anonymous

      Well, to be fair, I was parroting what Verizon has said about data usage. 


  • Junito Lopez

    ” I just don’t like what this does for innovation with smartphones.”  You are absolutely correct, I was planning on opening my wallet for the first time and purchase a smartphone. But guess what, I’m not going invest no $30/month for a limited data plan. Carriers complain so much about how much money they have to invest in infrastructure blah blah…..yeah use some of that 6 billions, yes giga-dollars Verizon made last year. At the very least, if you are going to take me on a date, and bend me over at least pretend to care, what about unlimited voice  to any carrier and landlines?  so don’t have to worry about counting minutes or maybe free text. Even criminals before getting executed get a free meal. I’ll stick with my dumbphone and ipod touch.

  • Alex Kim

    So if one of my family member’s already had a smartphone with an unlimited data plan and we’re all on a family plan, would the tiered data plans still apply to those of us that don’t have smartphones but will upgrade in a month?

  • Planefun

    I was going to switch to verzion in august but I will not now, it is unfair for new people to have to pay for something others or getting free. just another way for verzion to make more  money as if they don’t make enough already!!

  • Mabvoyager6

    This is a completem major scam from Verizon. I an getting sick and tired of all these early termination fees and data caps these companies place on consumers. I uses my android for entertainment and easily use 11 or 12 gbs of data a mouth. Because i watch netflix and stream radio. So if i decide to buy a new phone or renew my contact will the new plans apply? This is complete theft of consumer rights. $30.00 for 2a gb come on some apps run automatically in background in these phones it could easily add up.

  • Megas911

    This is dumb, I was just about to switch to Verizon, and this happens? I hate sprints internet speed but I would much rather have 1.5 mbit/s on 3g unlimited than 3mbit/s but only 2gb!

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