Verizon’s tiered data plans official – will send free texts to monitor usage

Whether you like it or not Verizon’s tiered data plans are now in place for new customers and there’s little you can do about it. To help customers monitor their data usage Verizon will not begin to send free texts messages after a user passes a certain amount of data used.

Verizon will now begin to send a customer free text messages after they pass the 50%, 75%, 100%, and 110% threshold of allowed data usage for the month in hope that users will become more conscious of how much data is consumed. This is a simple, yet smart move for Big Red, as it may lessen calls to customer service in regards to customers questions why their bill has accrued extra charges.

In addition of the free texts messages, Verizon is also offering up a few tools to help customers keep track of data usage. Customers can check up on how much data they have used by dialing #DATA on their phone, through My Verizon online or the Verizon Mobile app, as well as the Data Usage Calculator on the carrier’s site or the Data Usage widget that’s found on most Android devices, BlackBerry’s and tablets.

Luckily, if you signed up for a contract with Verizon prior to today you won’t need to bother yourself with any of the tiered data plans, as you’ll never be forced to use one. The new plans are for new customers only going forward and while we’re not in love with the idea of these types of plans we can see why the carrier is putting them in place.

So if you’re looking to sign a new contract with Verizon and are new to tiered data plans the carrier will help you ease into it by keeping you notified and offering up tools so you always know where you stand. This likely won’t justify the new plans to those who are against tiered data but at least Verizon is trying.

Anyone looking into jumping ship to Sprint to get in bed with the only carrier that still offers unlimited (enough) data?

[Via: Verizon]

  • Jason

    Going to sprint as soon as my contract is up. I don’t care about 4g especially since 1 day downloading at that speed would cost 80$. My business depends on my phone and its internet connection and at those prices it just does not make sense. I think they will lose lots of business.

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