Google: 550,000 Android phones activated a day, 250,000 apps in Market

It was only a few weeks ago that Google announced that 500,000 Android devices were being activated every day. During Google’s Q2 earning call held earlier today, Larry Page announced that that number has already been bumped to 550,000 activated per day. While it’s a modest bump given the scale of devices, achieving this number in 16 days is pretty impressive. But that’s not all.

Susan Wojcicki also had some more interesting Android stats to share later on in the call. To date, more than 135 million Android devices have been activated, up from 100 million just a few months ago. While this pales in comparison to iOS devices, which is up to 200 million since the last WWDC, the gap is certainly beginning to close, even with Apple’s head start and MP3 Player/ Media device dominance.

Here are a few more:

  • The official number of Android applications in the market is 250,000 – this doesn’t include third-party app stores
  • There have been over 6 billion application downloads from the Android Market – double the number from just a few months prior.
  • There are more than 400 different Android phones and tablets across the globe.

Previously, Google earnings calls would drop one nugget of Android information if we were lucky. This time around, the stats given were nothing less that astounding and the little green robot has certainly grown up from its humble beginnings. We can expect all of these numbers to grow by year’s end and just looking at the general smartphone landscape then will be quite impressive.

This may be the beginning of the mobile OS’ growth, however. While Android will likely never be as seamless as iOS (choice tends to lead to opinion, and not all opinions are the same), Ice Cream Sandwich will unify the look and feel for all Android devices going forward. We still know very little of what the next version of the OS will bring to phones besides that it’s basically Honeycomb for phones (nailed it), but we could imagine that Google still may have cut the cat up and let just a paw or two out of the bag.

We say this every year, but the mobile space is looking pretty awesome going forward this year.


  • Andorid Market is not fully open on some countries yet. And cracking Android apps is easier than iOS ones. I hope app developers will head for Android.

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