Why I’ll be grabbing the Asus Padfone once it’s released

You’ve probably already seen the Asus Padfone and if you’re anything like me, you want one. Scrap that, you need and must have it as it will significantly improve your life. I really think it will fit all my needs and I can’t wait for Google to release the Ice Cream Sandwich update and Asus to (consequently) put the Padfone in production.

When you think about it, what Asus did is truly impressive, making the “tablet switch” as seamless as possible. With the Padfone you buy 2 devices for the price of one. However, it’s safe to bet Asus will ask a premium for its baby, but it’s kinda expected considering you’re also getting a 10-inch screen and a big external battery with the Padfone purchase. No other phone offers anything similar. Moreover, I like the “single storage” idea that effectively removes the need for additional data syncing.

However, there are two things that could be better/improved:

  • Camera counts only 5 megapixels and has no flash. 5 MP is more than enough for me, but some folks may not agree when they know that competing high-end smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S II and HTC Sensation offer 8-megapixel cameras. The flash is a different issue and I would like to have it on board. I’m aware it could be tricky to add flash cause it’s the same camera the “Padfone tablet” will use, but the solution could be to turn flash off when the device works in the tablet mode.
  • What about the keyboard dock? Asus spoiled us with its Eee Pad Transformer and now we expect us to use the same/similar keyboard with the Padfone as well. A Bluetooth keyboard will always be a valid option, but it doesn’t offer the convenience of a notebook, allowing you to hold the device in your lap. This is not to say I don’t like Bluetooth keyboards, it’s just that sometimes I don’t sit at the table and could only type on a laptop sitting in my lap.

Aside from those two relatively minor issues, everything else about the Padfone rocks. Now I can only hope Asus will add me to its list of early reviewers. ūüôā

  • matrix12

    i have the galaxy tab 7″ but want a 10″ phone im ¬†waiting to see if the galaxy tab 10.1 can make voice calls but this padfone is perfect for what i need if im ¬†in public i can just use the phone but can use the tablet when needed¬†elsewhere¬†

  • Borikua1977

    Asus rules!

  • Schultzy

    I wholeheartedly agree.

    I’ve been saving my smartphone virginity for a phone/tablet/netbook combo because of my perception that having to carry and sync multiple devices would be a huge pain.

    The padfone + transformer keyboard = mobile heaven

    (I hope someone at Asus reads this article) 

  • Wael

    I wholeheartedly agree too.

    Especially the camera part (ironically, that is the inverse of what Schultzy emphasized on). I have also been saving my smartphone/tablet virginity for the Asus Padfone (lol), and I seriously require camera flash in any phone I buy, since I am a photo freak and take a lot of photos at night. This is be a definite dealbreaker!

    (I also hope someone from Asus reads this article)

  • Allsaid

    If something can be improved, it can be “better” by definition. So we don’t need/we don’t want/please stop with the “better/improved.” Tech writers should read more and attend to the elements of good writing.

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