What’s the real hold up on the US Galaxy S 2?

There’s been a lot of speculation as to when the Samsung Galaxy S 2 will be landing in the US, if ever. While we still weren’t certain as to what was to be announced, when Samsung canceled its New York event back in May, many people believed it was the official announcement of the Galaxy S 2. We’ve since seen the handset go live in other countries, and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has already graced the states, but what of Sammy’s lust-worthy handset? With the iPhone 5 looming, did Samsung have decide to beef up the specs of it’s handset before the official US launch?

This is nothing but speculation but I wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung has delayed the launch of its already-powerful Galaxy S 2 to add in some features not found on the existing model. That said, we’ve already seen the handset hit up the FCC with AT&T-compatible bands, but that model could indeed be the handset for Canada, which is set to get the handset this week. We’ve seen what looks to be a Sprint-branded Galaxy S 2 in the wild, so could the delay be nothing more than a simple delay?

The FCC has also already shown us a Galaxy S 2 with a NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor opposed to the Exynos CPU found in the original, but that still doesn’t make anything  clear. With the US names leaked out already, we can expect to see the handset launch on at least three carriers at some point, but the wait is becoming a little frustrating.

As each week passes with no official word regarding the Galaxy S 2 for the US, it makes the next Nexus device that much more appealing. While we have yet to see the device yet, it is rumored to be made by Samsung again, and we have our doubts that the GS2 will best the Nexus Prime, as it’s rumored to be called. If you liked the Super AMOLED Plus display found on the Galaxy S 2 and Droid Charge, if the rumors are to be believed, the Super AMOLED HD should blow its predecessor out the water.

It seems as if the Galaxy S 2 is already a hit elsewhere, and delaying the handset further in the US can’t be a good thing. Unless it will be worth the wait, that is.

What do you think is keeping the Galaxy S 2 out of the US at the moment? Redesign/spec beef-up, carrier disinterest, or none of the above?



  • Erodaland

    Got mine a month ago bought it online…not waiting anymore! This device is magic!

    • Anonymous

      I thought about that, but I’m actually willing to sign a contract for this phone, so I’d need the supporting bands to make that contract worth while.

    • Anonymous

      I thought about that, but I’m actually willing to sign a contract for this phone, so I’d need the supporting bands to make that contract worth while.

  • Diego!

    I contacted Samsung Argentina (that is my country, in SouthAmerica) and they told me the SG S II will be released mid-August. So it may be that Galaxy S II will come out in August in the whole American continent. I hope they release Nexus Prime here too. :p

  • Me

    It’s getting to the point where this phone is going to peak before it’s ever sold here. Without any official news, many people that have been waiting for the phone will just get frustrated and look to something else.

  • Apple is cock blocking the US release…Think about it 

  • BrownMan

    Apple has an enormous influence on both At&t and Verizon. Both carriers are doing their part to delay Samsung Galaxy S2’s arrival in the U.S. Apple is not happy with Samsung’s patent violations. 

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