Sonos updates Android controller app, intros new Play:3 speaker

We are big fans of Sonos here at IntoMobile and the company has just done a few things which could make its wireless home music system more accessible to the masses.

The company has updated its Android controller app and it can now be installed on the phone’s SD card. The update also includes new languages to go along with its usual cool features.

Just as importantly, Sonos introduced a new speaker, the Play:3, that is smaller and cheaper than its previous speakers but it still retains the high quality of audio you expect from Sonos. If you’re not aware, the main appeal of the Sonos system is that you can set up these speakers wirelessly around the house and get access to all the music on your computer or digital services like Spotify with the click of a button.

The new Play:3 speaker will cost $299, which is much cheaper than the previous version and it can be be positioned in multiple ways. While it’s still a bit expensive to get into (you’re looking at about $350 to start with the needed bridge), the Sonos experience is definitely a great one and music fans should have no worries about investing in it.

As we move forward, I expect the company to continue to try and get its costs down and to expand its retail availability. The company has an extremely nice iPad app to control the system and it will continue to work on making these apps easier and more elegant. It continues to expand the digital services that will work with it and it really is a fun company to watch.

Any of you out there use Sonos? What do you love and hate about it?

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