HTC Desire HD gets a small update (2.50.405.2) that brings “Wi-Fi performance improvements”

HTC Desire HD is getting a small firmware update as we speak. This “after Gingerbread” firmware changes are said to bring “Wi-Fi performance improvements” though we guess some other things under the hood will be impacted as well. After all, 19.8MB is kinda big download for such a minor improvement (at least the way I see it). Either way, we’ve no idea what’s all included here, but we do suggest you to “push the button” nevertheless and bring your Desire HD’s firmware version to 2.50.405.2. It’s a good practice to have the latest software running on your phone and I don’t see why this should be an exception.

Still this (because it’s a small update) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t backup first. Something could always go wrong preventing you from accessing the most important information like calendars and contacts.

Finally, as far as we know this is an update for the unlocked HTC Desire HD only and may be released for carrier-branded versions later in the year.

[Via: EuroDroid]

  • Deltaflux

    It’s been pushed to my non-rooted Orange phone already. Haven’t really noticed any difference yet though.

  • Padster8543

    Check to see if your Gps and Navigation app still work!

  • Dude

    Dont update. KILLS GPS. everyone says on XDA so do i!
    GPS is dead.nothig helps! NOTHING

  • Blabla

    i have read the posts about the new update killing the gps, so i delayed the update till today. after updating to 2.50 firmware and the gps is working fine! i own a DHD orange branded (Romania)

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