New iPad 2 commercial airs – ‘We’ll Always’

Apple is airing a new iPad 2 commercial called “We’ll Always.” The general idea is that our daily routine, our daily lives and the things we’ve always done will remain the same, but the way in which we do these things won’t. In it, we see the ease at which home videos are edited, recipes found and that it’s easy even for children to use in learning on the iPad 2.

The big difference between Apple and its competitors when it comes to advertising its products is that Apple shows what its technology can do. With the iPad 2, you can easily have it kitchen-side when you’re cooking and use it as an easy reference. The “magical” tablet works as a photo album or an educational tool. Want to edit home videos? You can do that, too. On the other hand, when you see commercials from competitors, it goes like this: 1GHz dual-core processor, 4G connectivity, hundreds of apps, Android 2.3 Honeycomb on the nation’s most reliable network. OK then, so what?

Check out the new ad below.

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  • Anonymous

    interesting article

  • Rich

    Great commercial but what apps were they using? I would love to know.

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