Samsung Galaxy S II in white looks legit; Coming in late August?

white Samsung Galaxy S II

We’re not sure whether we should believe the image above is legit or not. We want to believe and think it makes perfect sense for Samsung to offer the white version of its super-popular Android smartphone to reach even more users. However, aside from that image, we also have another one that looks a bit different. Both of them come from phone retailers, Digitec and Mobilefun, and we’re not sure which one’s official and which one is a Photoshop mockup.

Anyway, we’re hearing the white Samsung Galaxy S II will be released at some point in late August. I’m sure it will sell like crazy with those who haven’t grabbed the original unit because it’s “too black,” going for this one. That’s presuming Android superphone is already on the wishlist and waiting for the iPhone 5 is not an option.

I like both versions and I’m eager to know – do you want one too? 🙂

[Via: SammyHub]

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