Samsung HM1200 Mono Bluetooth headset offers great value for 30 bucks

Aside from making an array of mobile phones — from entry-level feature phones for the emerging markets to high-end smartphone like the Galaxy S II — Samsung also offers mobile accessories. One of their accessories is the newly launched HM1200 Mono Bluetooth headset, which is touted as an “easy-to-use mono Bluetooth headset that provides outstanding call clarity in a simple and straightforward package.” That sentence clearly says we shouldn’t expect the best noise cancellation features, but a good bang for the buck.

For about 30 bucks, the HM1200 offers compact design, active pairing and multi-point technology, which allows users to easily pair the headset to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. In addition, this Bluetooth 3.0-enabled headset also has a LED battery status indicator as well as a dedicated on/off switch.

Finally, when it comes to the battery life, the Samsung HM1200 can work for up to 8 hours in talk and up to 300 hours in standby mode…

  • Dalknon

    This “review” doesn’t actually tell us anything.

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