Microsoft’s Windows Phone revenues may be ‘abysmal’

Windows Phone revenues may be abysmal

Microsoft had a great quarter recently but we pointed out that Windows Phone 7 was basically nowhere to be found on its earnings sheet. Well, the folks at the Seattle PI have done some digging and found that revenues from Microsoft’s mobile division may have been abysmal.

The Windows Phone division (and Windows Mobile) is part of the Entertainment & Devices division, which also includes the super-popular Xbox division. After combing through Microsoft’s Securities and Exchange report, the publication found a rough revenue estimate for Microsoft’s mobile efforts: $613 million at the most. Seattle PI called this “abysmal.”

To put that in perspective, Apple’s mobile division generated billions last quarter and iOS now accounts for half of its overall revenues and that company may have more money than the U.S. government. Google is activating more than 550,000 Android devices a day and has already said that mobile search is generating more than a billion dollars.

It’s not fair to directly compare Windows Phone to Apple or Google because Microsoft makes money in a different way than either company but it’s worth pointing out that it’s not doing very well in the mobile space. The deal with Nokia may be the much-needed boost it needs to be successful in this space.

Microsoft has also been losing billions in the online space but there’s an argument to be make that it can’t afford not to just into this or the mobile space. At least with Windows Phone Mango, it has a credible product that can compete with iOS 5 and Android, so let’s just hope we see some better hardware hit the streets.

[Via Seattle PI]

  • Everyone wants Ios and Android. When will Microsoft’s first Android phone be released ?

  • phil winkel

    Translatethis, you’re an idiot. You can stop talking now, thanks.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why WP7 hasn’t been successful yet. They released WP7 asap to get the platform out there, into people’s hands, regardless of the fact that it is still a very new platform and has low market share. It’s quite obvious that it’s first version isn’t anything that’s going to tear people away from android or iOS. They’re losing money playing catch-up. Hardware doesn’t have anything to do with WP7’s success at the moment.
    You could have the best hardware in the world, it wouldn’t matter – the
    platform is still young and they’re still playing catch-up with the

    Windows phone mango is basically what windows phone should have been in the first place. I am running the developer build of Mango on my phone. I am no fan of Internet Explorer and I don’t use it on my desktop, but IE9 mobile is a very solid browser, and it kicks the shit out of many other mobile browsers when it comes to hardware acceleration. Go load up HTML5 fish tank in your mobile browser, you’re not going to be getting 35+ fps. I’m only using a HTC Trophy, too – you can be damn sure when the mango devices come out, they’ll be running it at 50+ fps.

    Each platform has their pro’s and cons, people have their preferences and use the platform they prefer. Right now, windows phone doesn’t have much to offer, but once mango rolls out, it’s going to be a solid competitor. You can talk all the shit in the world, write all of the iPropaganda blog posts you want, it doesn’t matter. You don’t matter, none of the comment trolls matter. Windows Phone hasn’t even gotten started yet.

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