Sprint’s upcoming phones named: Samsung Epic 4G Touch, HTC EVO Design 4G and Motorola Admiral

In a hot new leak, an anonymous tipster emailed the names of three upcoming Sprint phones to Engadget. The Now Network will keep its Android “agenda” rolling with the following three models:

  • Samsung Epic 4G Touch – yep that’s Sprint’s (WiMAX) version of the Galaxy S II, which we know as one of the best (if not the best) Android smartphones announced to date.
  • HTC EVO Design 4G – codenamed HTC Kingdom, this is a WiMAX version of the HTC Sensation or as some people put it – Evo 3D without 3D. Also one of the best smartphones money can buy these days.
  • Motorola Admiral – obviously a non-WiMAX device that tops at EV-DO Rev. A speeds.

And that’s about all we have at the moment. We’ll keep our eyes wide open and let you know as soon as we spot an additional detail or two. Hopefully we won’t have to wait for too long to see this trio officially announced by Sprint…

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