Amazon CEO patents cell phone airbags

Amazon CEO patents cell phone airbags

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Amazon VP Greg Heart have filed for a patent which would bring miniature airbags to your cell phone that would deploy when/if you dropped it on the ground. Weird? Yeah but it could soon be a common way to save your phone.

Even the best of us will drop our phones once in a while and the results can be heart breaking. The Amazon patent would use the phone’s accelerometers to detect if it has been dropped and these air bags would provide a cushion for protection. The patent also says that it could also potentially use air jets or springs for protection too.

We know that Amazon is mulling making smartphone but this patent doesn’t mean its device would come with airbags. The patent hasn’t even been awarded and Amazon may just want to have the ability to license this out to phone makers when/if it catches on.

What do you think about airbags on your phone?

[Via The Register, patents]

  • Snipparoo

    Is it only good for one fall……like car airbags ..?

  • John

    look now cellphone is becoming computer then next cellphone to car? great! 😐

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