No iPhone 5 event on September 7, October 7 launch?

We reported earlier today that Apple may have been planning an event on September 7 to announce the iPhone 5. However, Jim Dalrymple of The Loop, a source with a pretty good track record, says that there will be no event from Apple on that day. Dalrymple says that it’s difficult to determine how the source of the rumor came up with that date, other than its coincidence with previous Apple events around the same time.

However, there is also word that the next-generation iPhone, which may be a radically new designed smartphone or just a minor upgrade to the current one, will become available on October 7. Word is that this launch may see a more moderate upgrade to the current iPhone model, which would be more like the 3GS upgrade to the 3G. Many, including myself, have been hoping that the next Apple smartphone would be a dramatic redesign with better specs, but it’s looking more like there is a chance that that may not happen.

Now that we’re nearing fall, the time when Apple promised iOS 5 and when many expect it to launch with the new model smartphone, these rumors are just going to drive us insane. In case you haven’t been an iPhone devotee over the last few years, the normal cycle for Apple is every summer–either late June or early July for launch. This year, however, June and July came and went without a hint about when we might see the next iteration of the smartphone, so rumors have been flying and giving us contradictory information almost each time. For those of us waiting, the actual announcement and launch date can’t come soon enough–if not for being able to own the thing already, but to put an end to all of this speculation.

So, who’s getting readying to line up to buy a brand-spankin’ new iPhone?

[Via: BGR]

  • Anonymous

    If it’s a mere 4S type upgrade, then PASS.

  • Anonymous

    I hope this is delayed to October 2012…This iphone 5 stuff won’t matter much this year no 4G OR LTE..EVO 3D RULES ALL DEVICES

    • Traviswittmann1

      no the evo 3d is a sprint 4g phone and sprints 4g is not what verizion or atts 4g is it is really slow. and who want 3d on a phone. 3d is a passing trend and in a couple of months no one is going to car. and othe than the 3d all it has is a dule cor processor like every other smart phone out there. the evo 3d is not an amazing phone

  • The way they talked about iOS 5 (saying it was the most intensive software update yet) makes it really seem like the iPhone 5 will be a moderate upgrade. 

  • Xanthanx is pretty tight with these deets

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