AT&T gearing to launch iPhone 5 in early October?

An anonymous VP at AT&T has indicated that the iPhone 5 will be launched in early October, and employees should “expect things to get really, really busy”. That’s a slight push back from the mid-September timeframe that was previously expected, but no doubt iPhone loyalists will be able to hold out for a few more weeks. iOS 5 is set to launch in the fall, though other rumours have suggested that an October 7 launch is a no go. As far as specs go, LTE and a bigger screen are high on the list of speculated features, but whatever it launches with, demand is bound to be high .

It’s not particularly exciting to hear about AT&T getting the iPhone 5, but certainly expected. Here’s hoping Verizon, or at least some other major U.S. carrier will also offer the next iOS smartphone around the same time. T-Mobile and Sprint may very well have something to offer, but it’s hard to say if it’ll be the iPhone 5 or something else.

We’ve been piecing together bits of of specs for the iPhone 5, and have a comparison chart going if you want to figure out how it’ll match up. If AT&T snags an early exclusive for the iPhone 5, would you be willing to sign another contract with them? What would the iPhone 5 need to win you over?

[via BGR]

  • Anonymous

    ii belive that the iphone 5 SAME DESIGN SAME EVERYTHING

    • Tacotuestay


    • thatdudeukno


  • George

    I’ve had all 4 and don’t mind waiting a bit for the new one. Theres only one thing i’m really worried about. Preordering! They didn’t have pre ordering for the iPad 2 and i’m worried they won’t have it for the new iPhone. Theres no way in hell i’m gonna sleep in a tent or something just so i can get it and all the apple stores are to far to go everyday after the release and see if i get lucky. 

  • Anonymous

    OH wow, either way, I can hardly wait. Wow.

  • Tim

    I wouldn’t renew my AT&T contract if they paid me to attempt to use their lack of service.

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