Did you buy a discounted HP TouchPad?

Did you buy a discounted TouchPad?

Well, HP quickly pulled the plug on HP and it liquidated its webOS TouchPad by offering the tablet for as low as $99. The device is sold out in many places, so we want to know if you bought one?

I actually bought one about two weeks ago … at nearly full price. While that smarts, I believed that HP was in this to win it and I always had a soft spot for webOS. While we felt the initial version had some problems in our official review of the HP TouchPad, a recent software update helped the overall stability and performance immensely.

I’m still not convinced that the hardware is that great and the webOS platform is still mostly potential – potential that doesn’t look like it will be fullfilled now – but it’s a solid media and web browsing tablet, especially at the ultra-cheap price. While buying in to the TouchPad and webOS probably means you won’t get future software updates or many apps, it’s almost at the price where that doesn’t matter.

So, let us know if you picked up one of these discounted tablets and what your expectations are from it. Oh, be sure to check out our Life and Death of webOS story for a look back at what happened with this promising platform.

  • Tim Cerami

    Yes, I bought one and love it. No, it’s not iOS or Android, but it works really well for the things I want to do with it.  LOVE IT!

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, $149 for a the 32 GB version is quite a bargain. It’s not the best tablet out there but it will be worth it as a plane movie watcher and couch web browser at that price. 

  • Jack

    my friend got one two weeks ago (probably like you) because it was discounted that weekend $100 and we wanted to see if we can write some apps for it.  Immediately my friend installed all these hacks to make it faster (some apps off the grid) and the unit became instantly usable; before it was quite laggy, with most apps taking quite some time to launch.  So now he ordered a total of 9, combination of 16 and 32gb and we can’t wait to see which ordered will get filled because we ordered from a few different places, including the hp business website.  One is for me because its just hard to argue with those prices, and I’m hoping someone will write some awesome hacks for it including the possibility of installing windows 8 on it 🙂 – you never know.  Either way, if you install the overclocking app the unit becomes faster and gets more realistic loading times of apps and can just use it in the car on long trips for various things.  The thing is not half bad.  I did not plan to get any type of tablet because I had no use for it – I think the hard thing is to convince people that they need it.

  • RickB

    I bought 2 x 32 gb.  For me it’s way below the price point where its limitations are an issue.  Nice size, fast, great browser, flash, the best Skype integration I’ve seen.  To much not to buy it at the price…

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