Sprint to offer iPhone 5 in October

Sprint getting iPhone 5 in October

Sprint fans should be really happy right now, as a report from the Wall Street Journal says that the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 will land on the nation’s third largest carrier this October.

It has been all but confirmed that the iPhone 5 will rock a dual-more radio chip, which can use GSM and CDMA networks, so the technical hurdles of getting it on Sprint’s network would be finished. When the Apple iPhone came to Verizon earlier this year, many thought it was just a matter of time before it landed on other carriers, too.

For Sprint, the move could be a much-needed shot in the arm, as the carrier is facing a stiff challenge going against the much larger Verizon and AT&T, particularly once it swallows up T-Mobile. Having an Apple iPhone 5 with its unlimited plans could be a major reason for users to jump to Sprint, which could greatly increase its subscriber count.

This also jibes with what we’ve heard about the iPhone 5 being released in October, although that won’t help Sprint’s latest financial quarter. Sprint has been a strong pusher of Android over the last few years, so you have to wonder how much Android’s market share will slide if and when the iPhone 5 lands on Sprint.

So, what do you think? Would you switch to a Sprint iPhone 5 with an unlimited plan?

[Via WSJ]

  • Cant wait I hope this is true

  • IPhone with Sprint Plans equals success DIE AT and T/Verizon

    • Steve

      I have been with Sprint for 14 years.  I was going to leave Sprint and switch to AT&T if Sprint didn’t get the IPhone 5.  I hope these reports are correct.  Sprint and Verizon share towers so my Sprint use is pretty reliable. I have a Samsung Epic.  I’m tired of it.  It locks up, shuts down, and is slow.  Hopefully the IPhone 5, if Sprint gets it will run well on the Sprint network.  Sprint is MUCH cheaper than AT&T and Verizon.  The unlimited plan is great.  No text messages warning that my data usage is creeping close to the 2gb limit!! 


    #IPHONE5 at Sprint that is a great news but they new to foucs on loyal services and say bye,bye those overseas callcenters.

  • Anonymous

    well it be able to use 4g? does it have a 4″ screen or better? how much bloat ware will they allow on it? do we have to pay extra for insurance on it?

    • Anonymous

      Still working on those details. As for now, I’d say no tot he 4G but yes to the larger screen.

  • Anonymous

    Would you care that it didn’t support WiMax? 

    • yea cause until sprint lte kicks in what would it be operating on?

      • Anonymous

        It may just have CDMA 3G

  • Jim

    I predict a huge amount of people leaving ATT for Sprint.  So far Sprint is the only carrier with true unlimited data.   Doubt many existing Sprint customers will go to the iPhone. 

  • Anonymous

    As a Sprint customer this actually worries me somewhat. What I’ve noticed, and I may be completely off in my assumptions, is that everywhere the iPhone goes data plans eventually become restricted to certain tiers. I’ve enjoyed my unlimited text and data plan with Sprint and the fact that I can call any cell phone, no matter the carrier, and not have it count against my minutes. If or when the iPhone makes it to Sprint my feelings are that those selling points will be done away with and the restrictions will surely follow. I know that in todays market the iPhone might be a necessity for Sprint to truly remain prevalent or at least a little competitive but I hope they continue to provide their customers with the current plans and not resort to what other providers have done. Sprint and/or Into Mobile let us know what will happen!

    • I agree with your comment. I  think Sprint will have different plans set aside for the iPhone 5. If you want it, you will have to pay for it. Myself I’m waiting for the pre-paid iPhone, and do not know if it will be a 3GS, iPhone 4, or 5?

  • pd3244

    Long time Sprint customer – interested in iPhone but very happy with new Motorola-Photon – more concerned with 4G access – 12 miles from the Gateway Arch in St. Louis and no 4-G where I live/work.  If iPhone fixes that, I’m happy …

  • Anonymous

    Sprint more Windows Phones too please!!!!

  • Xanthanx

    speculation..no way Apple lets sprint leak this info

    • Anonymous

      To be fair, the WSJ has great sources at Apple too. 

  • tokinotabumblb

    I’m not an Apple fan at all so I can care less, but to each their own. All I know is that the two current carriers who has iPhone now nixed their unlimited data. Bad pattern and it better not happen. with Sprint.

    • Jimianora

      why not captain?

    • Scswim008

      you mean you “couldn’t” care less

      • tokinotabumblb

        I can care even less, to the point to where I don’t even care at all. 😛

  • Destell

    No like my Android Evo 3D too much.The I -phone has a smaller screen,not sure on the guts.They usually run up the cost of the plans also,we don’t need that!!!!

  • Bigbair45

    Either your an Android fan or Apple fan.  I hope the iPhone 5 does bring customers to Sprint so they can upgrade their network.  I’m an original EVO owner waiting patiently for a quad-core phone before I upgrade again.  I also pay the extra $10.00 a month for my EVO and I do not even have 3G in a 25 mile radius from my home/work.  The reason I stay with Sprint is for the plans.  I currently have 4 EVO’s and a Blackberry on my plan, and we love it!  Just like other people have posted.  This iPhone better not change my plan from unlimited, or I’m gonna be extremely angry. 

  • Destell

    The new plans would be for the I-Phone so they can get more money for the data,but if you are now with the simply everything plan,you probably be able to grandfather it into the I-Phone.Once you have a plan before they go to switch to the I-Phone,and you don’t change the plans ,then any phone you get is grandfathered into it,with the new phone.

  • mjl

    I have an Android EVO 4G (personal) and an iPhone4 (work) and like both for their individual strengths. However, the weaknesses of the EVO place it behind the iPhone in usability and reliability. I will replace my EVO with the iPhone5 and stay with Sprint when my contract is up for renewal.

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