Millennial Media’s July Mobile Mix report shows Android killing it – and we’re all surprised

Millennial Media is back to give you its latest edition of its Mobile Mix report and we’re gonna give you the highlights. To no one’s surprise, Android is far ahead of the competition and has extended that lead significantly in the month of July.

Android ruled the smartphone market last month with a 15% month over month increase. With a total of 61% of the market for the month of July, Android has been the number one mobile operating system in Millennial Media’s network for 8 consecutive months at this point and we expect that number to increase as time goes on.

Even with the great smartphone options available today, one could say that the smartphone wars of 2011 have yet to even start, even though we’re nearing the tail-end of the third quarter. Many are waiting for the iPhone 5, Galaxy S 2, Nexus Prime before even considering their next smartphone purchase, and these handsets sadly missed the usual summer release time frame.

As far as the top 20 mobile phones are concerned, Apple’s iPhone retained its number one spot, with a couple of BlackBerry devices making into the mix. In fact, of the 20 devices in the chart, only 4 handsets aren’t running the Android operating system. That soon may change, especially with the introduction of new BlackBerry 7 devices and new iOS devices on the way but Android’s strength in numbers will likely keep it number one when it comes to market share.

If you want to get the full scoop, hit up the link below to read the rest of Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix report for July.

[Via: MillennialMedia]



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