Did the Nexus Prime just get its WiFi Certification?

There’s not even a full week left of August, and as we get closer to October, we’ve got to begin to see more of the upcoming Google Nexus Prime, right? Well, no, but the likelihood is great and according to what you see above, the Prime may have just received its WiFi Certification.

While it’s obviously no surprise that the next Nexus handset will be WiFi-enabled, it’s just one step closer to making the handset become a reality. Expected to land sometime in October, we may see an official announcement of the handset sometime in mid to late September, which could disrupt the launch of another Verizon phone people have been looking forward to.

The rumored specs for the Nexus Prime sound like a dream come true to any geek out there. The massive 4.5+ inch display may not be everyone’s favorite but considering it will most likely be a Super AMOLED HD display with a resolution of 1280 x 720, I know I’ll be fine with all of that screen real estate in my pocket. It’s expected to ship with a 1.5GHz TI OMAP dual-core processor, best in class camera with advanced low-light performance, and likely NFC. Of course, these are just the rumored specs and we’re sure Big G may still have something up its sleeve with this release.

Expected to support LTE, it seems that the Nexus Prime is destined for Verizon. While some may have thought that Big Red passed on the Galaxy S 2 for the Nexus Prime, we still have to wait and see what the Stratosphere is all about, which is set to debut alongside the Bionic next month, according to the leaked roadmap. If this is true, we have our doubts that it’s the Nexus Prime, but a similar phone to the Galaxy S 2, with a couple of tweaks and with no Galaxy branding.

Anyone already dead set on the Nexus Prime, even without seeing any official specs?

[Via: Droid-Life]

  • ElecEngineer

    No, that is the Samsung stratosphere as detailed in the leaked Verizon roadmap

  • Anonymous

    I was wrong that Verizon road map was found to be fake. but I hope it is not the Nexus prime I don’t want a 4.65″ screen all other leaks say 4.5″ which I like much better.


    • Anonymous

      you’re likely not going to notice 0.15 of an inch much, just so you know. That size has been floating around in more than one place, actually. 

  • SDK

    Any chance it’ll launch w/ T-Mobile at the same time or will we have to wait for it?

    • Anonymous

      I have serious doubts the Nexus Prime will make it to T-Mobile. Magenta got the first two.

  • Nickflores555

    Currently learning “how to” develop. Have the nexus s4G. The prime is a must have for me.

  • Anonymous

    You can rest assure that this will appear first on SPRINT then the rest….Let’s not forget who is the best carrier and where the best android devices reside. That is the ONLY UNLIMITED NETWORK IN THE US…

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