Infographics: Evolution of the Mobile Phone

Infographics: Evolution of the Mobile Phone

Mobile phone took a long way to get where it is today, boasting more processing power than some PCs few years ago. Thanks to, we can graphically show you that road, from the influence of “Star Trek,” “Saved By The Bell” and Barbie to the first text message, iPhone and more.

The years ahead will be equally interesting with devices like the Asus Padfone and Eee Transformer potentially replacing computers for some people who just need to check their email, write documents and do other basic tasks. Of course, we’ll be here to keep you in the loop with the latest innovations. In the meantime, check out the mentioned infographics…

Infographics: Evolution of the Mobile Phone

  • It turns out Nokia didn’t have any impact on mobile phone industry. Why is that, OP? Scared your taskmaster would cut your share if you ever mentioned Nokia?

    • Anonymous

      Obviously Motorola has been the forerunner…

      • Anonymous

        and Nokia hasn’t???

        No mention of the Nokia N95, or any of the communicator models.

        Motorola only was the front runner 1970 – 1985, it has been up and mostly down since then..  specially the past 10 years.

        Nokia has introduced the most revolutionary models on the market, and the only mention  is  Nokia 1100?   …  for instance the first smartphone…  The first touchscreen mobile .. Nokia.

        Where is the Nokia N900? by the way..

        • Anonymous

          Sorry, being ironic didn’t show in my typing.

  • Dusan Belic

    Agreed on the Nokia part. Not sure why they haven’t included the Finnish company to the list.

  • Bhavanishankar

    ha ha,, funny that the Nokia is not included here…

  • Dsf

    Why looks like that the iPhone launches on 1997?

    Confusing and dirty

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