Live from the Samsung Galaxy S II event

Live from the Galaxy S II event

It’s been a long time coming and even a hurricane couldn’t stop the Galaxy S II from coming to the United States. We’ll be live-blogging the event, so follow along below.

Everyone’s excited about the Galaxy S II because it’s a darn fine device. In our review, we said this is easily the best Android phone yet and you could even make the case that it’s the best phone. Period.

We should see the AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint version announced today and the Sprint version has already leaked. Verizon reportedly passed but will likely be getting something similar with the Droid Prime or Nexus Prime or the Galaxy S II LTE. Follow along below and throw your comments in.

  • Anonymous

    We Brazilians already have our Galaxy S II, a smartphone is simply amazing!

    • Slapstiq

      We’re excited to finally get it Diariodo!  I’m coming from an iPhone 3G, and it’s exciting to see everything the Galaxy S2 is capable of.  Amazing phone based on everything I’ve read.

      • Anonymous


        • pickeweed


  • Publicmail Sd24

    can I watch the event live?

    • Guest

      am doing so on phandroid

      • Talking159

        Link? i cant find it

  • Anonymous

    I feel sick

  • Anonymous

    what a bunch of BS hype

  • Wellsung

    I’m tired of waiting for this phone.  I’m going with an unlocked version.

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