INQ releases its social apps to the Android Market

INQ Android applications

INQ decided to top let all Android smartphone owners get their social apps, which up until this point were available only for INQ-based devices like the INQ Cloud Touch. The company launched three apps in the Android Market:

  • People by INQ – which lets you keep track of your top Facebook friends based on Facebook’s Social Graph API. You can check your buddies’ latest update, browse their walls or tap on their profile picture to contact them directly.
  • Social Widget Suite by INQ – takes different types of content and displays it straight on your handset’s homescreen. Moreover, you can access the posts of your closest friends on Facebook.
  • INQ Social Sync – the engine behind INQ’s social networking integration, it allows your phone to connect to Facebook and keeps all of your INQ widgets and apps up to date so you won’t miss what’s happening online.

INQ goes on suggesting that you’ll get the best experience if you install all three of their apps, which we suggest to all Facebook junkies out there. 😉

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