Samsung Epic 4G Touch for Sprint just $149.99 if you pre-order

The Samsung Epic 4G Touch for Sprint, which is the carrier’s variant of the Galaxy S II Android smartphone, is launching this month and can be had for $50 less than the full retail price if you pre-order. At just $149.99, the Epic 4G Touch, which could arguably be the best Android smartphone for Sprint, it’s also probably the best deal you can get on a really high-end Android device.

Of course, you’ll have to pre-order it through Wirefly, so it’s not like you’ll be strolling into a store and picking up the Epic 4G Touch. Still, it’s a $50 savings and it’s probably worth it.

If you missed it last week, we went hands on with the Samsung Epic 4G Touch, or Galaxy S II for you purists. The Epic 4G Touch is intended to be the successor to the original Epic 4G, though this version is leagues beyond the keyboard-equipped original. It sports a monstrous 4.52″ Super AMOLED Plus display, which may be a bit too big for some, and a 1.2GHz processor for relatively snappy performance. It has a back-illuminated 8MP camera sensor on back, and a battery that is 10% larger than the original Galaxy S series. The Epic 4G Touch also features an updated version of Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, which now includes a social media hub for streamlining Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more into one place.

Perhaps the only downside with the pre-orders is that there is no word on when they will ship. If you’re hoping to get one ASAP, and you’re willing to pay an extra $50 to make sure you have one in your hands on launch day, a pre-order through Wirefly could test your patience. But if you’d rather have the savings and you don’t care when the device gets to you, then knock yourself right out.

[Wirefly via BGR]

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