How-To: Turn on the battery percentage meter on your iPhone

Aside from the graphical representation of a battery life, you may also want to see the remaining juice of your iPhone represented in percentage points. Luckily this capability comes built-in and you can quickly enable it by taking the next few steps:

  • Tap “Settings”
  • Then “General”
  • Tap “Usage” and you’ll see the screen with information on the iPhone usage since last charge, including standby time, call time and data usage. You don’t need that now and you should…
  • Turn on the toggle for “Battery Percentage”

And you’re done! Click the home button and now you’ll see the remaining percentage of battery life in the top notification bar. This information will be visible across all screens of the operating system…

[Via: tipb]

  • wow

    that’s possible since the first ipsw3.2 release…

  • Bandaidhero

    it was news to me, thanks so much, 

  • IOS3 2Features

    Have you only just realised that option is available.  It has been there for some time since 3.2

  • Johncena

    this isn’t new info. it’s been around for ages!

  • Anonymous

    Souds like a pretty solid plan to me dude. WOw.

  • Duh

    So this is what writers do when they forgot they had something due

  • DRB

    I am about to buy my first iPhone (iPhone 5) so thank you for the info.

  • Anonymous

    It might not be new info, but there are plenty of new iPhone owners who don’t know how to do this yet.

  • Bpalmer Au

    Thanks, this is just the instruction I needed!

  • Kantagara

    Ovo ne radi…. Dzelbrejkovao sam iPod sa Abstine-om i nemam idalje 🙁 

  • Helpful and Thanks

  • maribananas

    might not be new info but i needed it so thanks x

  • Neil Hopkins

    Thank you!

  • Lows Batterys Hery

    but in my usage dont have battery persentage ???

  • _WarMachine_

    niko belic??

  • AlbertaClipper

    Thanks for being there.

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