Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY sales “meeting expectations”?

Well what do you know – despite lacking a dual-core processor, it seems Sony Ericsson managed to move enough Xperia Play units to say it is “meeting expectations.” Since we don’t have their figures, we can only speculate what that phrase exactly means.

The information comes from Dominic Neil-Dwyer, the company’s head of market development, who (in an interview to Eurogamer) also said that the Christmas sales period will be key in determining whether the phone is deemed a success or not. When pushed to answer a question relating to Xperia PLAY 2, he cautiously said: “When you go into things like dual core versus single core, what a lot of people don’t understand or appreciate is the actual benchmarking and the ability of a device to do what they do, dual core doesn’t mean it’s faster. This is PlayStation Certified, and it’s been proven by all of the discussions of a very technical nature we’re having with publishers”

Although Sony Ericsson’s baby does have a dedicated gamepad, I can’t imagine that many people buying it over let’s say LG Optimus 2X, which costs about as much as the “first PlayStation certified smartphone.” We could go even further and unfairly compare the Xperia PLAY with the Samsung Galaxy S II but we wouldn’t get the right picture – the SGS2 costs more money.

Now I’m wondering, would you be willing to get the Xperia PLAY over some other phone in the same price bracket?

[Via: EuroDroid]

  • Style

    Speak after you used the phone for three months and is active in the XDA-developer forums .. 
    That is where the true potential of the phone is. Gaming experience is unmatched by any other smartphone out there. After buying the play, i can say with confidence, that i will never buy another phone without a gamepad.

  • Style

    There is nothing the LG optimus 2x or Samsung Galaxy S2 can do that the Play cannot at the moment except show off at benchmark testings.

    But the two other phones can never match the play in gaming.
    The upgrades from Sony has also been phenomenal, we’re talking about 3 major updates in 4 months.. the phone went from 2.3.2 to 2.3.4 with extra features such as xloud and HD video camera. 

  • Anonymous

    Clearly the author doesn’t know many hardcore gamers. The Xperia Play is a gamer’s phone. I have one, and could not be happier. Touchscreen gaming just doesn’t compare to the gamepad. Emulation is great fun as well! Specs are not really that important when this thing is still a multimedia beast, and has great battery life to boot! I will definitely buy this thing’s successor.

  • John Martin

    Reviews like this seems to be common… is like they miss the point of the phone maybe.  Unless you are soccer-mom gamer, the Xperia Play is in a bracket by itself.  Touch-screen action gaming is a trade-off or compromise, period.  There is not gray area… just black and white.
    People can argue Console-Controller vs Keyboard-Mouse all day long and both have valid points.  Both have advantages depending on the player, the game and so on. The point is that those two are comparable, debatable, or arguable. But playing an action game with your fingers in the viewing area vs Xperia Play gamepad is NOT comparable.
    How many ways can I say it?


  • Jesse

    I have had mine since last August. Sold my contract phone to buy this one outright and although my contract will be expiring in about 6 months I DO NOT plan on getting another phone. I simply love this phone too much. I have tried newer phones but with how much I game, emulators, Modern Combat 3 online, touch screen controls just totally blow and are not what I want. I will use this until either a Xperia PLAY 2 comes out or it dies, probably would just buy another one. End point….. MY FAVORITE ANDROID PHONE period. Have had 4 android phones until this one.

  • Anonymous

    Sony’s done an awful job marketing this phone, I had never heard of it until a couple weeks ago.

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