Formspring releases official iPhone app full of surprises

Formspring has released its official iPhone and iPod touch app into the App Atore. We knew it was coming eventually, it was just the matter of when, but now it’s here, we’re glad to see that it’s looking good. 

Everything you’d expect in a mobile version of Formspring is in this app. It has ask and answer functionality, the stream and inbox, sharing capabilities, smiling at responses, and more. You can even edit your profile picture.

Bundled along with the app are some brand new features they didn’t announce previously and the big one is photo integration. Attach a photo to a question, attach a photo to a response, and attach a photo to a response to a response with a photo. Two other features included in the app are push notifications for any new questions sent to your inbox and the ability to ask questions to contacts on your phone. The contacts don’t necessarily need to already have an account either.

Formspring thought of it all.

But the surprises don’t stop there: In celebration of its first crack at mobile, Formspring is launching a giveaway on their Facebook page for four iPod touches. And if you aren’t pleased with any of the news so far because you aren’t an Apple junkie, an Android app is planned for the future.

While this is the first official app, one viable third-party alternative is Spring. Taptivate released it a little over a year ago, and it has since been the option of choice to get Formspring on a mobile device.

[via Formspring]

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